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Dear Sirs!
The [223-22LR] adapter has just come, and I am extremely happy with it.  I can finally hunt in my neighborhood with surpressor and subsonics. Rimfire rifles are not available for Polish hunters.  Your adapter gave me the opportunity to shoot with my 223 single shot Rossi Varmint: cheap and silent.  I will recommend it to everyone!  Groupings are also not bad at 45 feet.  I hunted a fox today and shot it with 22lr adapter and it was damn quiet!  I love it!

I just received my RangeMate today. All I can say is wow.
Very nice.
Yes, I could have made one with an adjustable clamp and a window camera mount but I know (I did it already) it will not be this nice or, this strong.
Very good quality.

Great product - Gold set in 12ga

Thank you for a great product. A new SC shooter, I purchased a set of the GaugeMate Golds for my Citori 725 Field so I could experiment with sub-gauges. What a fantastic buy - I have shot ~500 rounds of Winchester AA HS through the 28ga tubes - immense fun. The little shells really reach out & smash the clays. The downsides are few - Fiocchi shells stick fast & the tubes get dirty after ~100 rounds - small issues, however, when one considers the upside. Reloading 28ga on the horizon now! Thanks.

April 15 through April 17 2011, I competed at the NSCA Zone 7 Championships at Ben Avery Shooting Facility. I used your 12-20 and 12-28 GaugeMate Gold in my Remington Spartan 310. I ended up shooting a 49 out of 50 in the 28 gauge and took runner up out of 158 people. I also won the A class in the 28 gauge using your GaugeMate Gold at the NSCA Colorado State Championship in September of 2010.  Just wanted to tell you that you guys have a good product.

I used your 16ga. to 28ga. tubes at the recent Grouse Hall ‘Vintagers’ sporting clays shoot. The gun is a very light Belgian 16 gauge hammer gun with ‘Krupp Fluid Steel’ barrels. While the gun is great to handle and fits well, it becomes very uncomfortable to shoot, even with 2½-inch shells due to recoil. Your tubes transform this firearm to a real joy to shoot. After a total of nearly 150 rounds, the tubes worked perfectly. About half of the round was shot with Winchester AA factory 28 gauge loads; the other half with AA reloads. Later, patterning both barrels produced unexpectedly good results. I use digital pattern photos and analyze them using a computer program from The normal distribution ‘hit probability’ inside 30 inches at 25 yards is 99.9% with the full choke Barrel and the pellet distribution under the ‘bell curve’ is as good as it gets. The full on hit probability with the nearly cylinder bore barrel is 98% to 99.5%. These are impressive results.

The following week I took this gun to Lehigh Valley Sporting clays for a shoot. This course is very demanding, even for a 12 or 20 gauge. I used the new Winchester AA 28 gauge ‘Super Sport’ sporting clays 7½ ammo, factory rated at 1300 ft./sec. It seemed faster! I did as well with your 28 gauge tubes in my old 16 gauge as I have ever done with a 20 gauge. After 150 rounds of intense shooting the barrels were hot but the shoulder was not sore at all.

Your tubes re-vitalize old, lightweight game guns, making them a pleasure to shoot while getting competitive results. I cannot wait to try a pair in my 12 gauge hammer gun.

Thanks for a great product.


— Don H. from Pennsylvania

Dear GaugeMate,

I love your products. I own several gauge adapters. I am astonished by how well they work. I use them on everything from skeet, sporting clays, upland birds, and waterfowl. I have shot the "other" companies full-length tubes. Yours are much easier, quicker, and pattern equally as well. The Gauge-Mates save me money, weight, and allow me to switch back to my original gauge as quickly as I unload my gun.

Thanks for making such a great product.


— Clint from Southern Illinois

I recently bought some 12-20 gold adapters from your company. To say the least, I am thrilled with the results I get from them.

Typically, I shoot starlings at a dairy three times a week during the summer. When shooting a regular 20 ga. gun, I find the effectiveness limited to about 30 yards unless I choke way tight. Then I give up any margin of error on close birds.
I have shot around 110 birds this week through an O/U with .010 and .020 chokes. My longest bird fell at 62 long steps so I figured with the momentum he may have traveled another 10 yards. So that is a long shot for a 7/8 oz load. It is a real pleasure to shoot with the GMs and patterns surpass any expectations. I do find that AA cases, the old ones, release from the GMs much easier than the Remington STS while shooting reloads.

I think it is a wonderful product.


— Lenard L. from Oregon

Harvey has a number of GaugeMate adapters. A 40 plus year reloader, he even makes his own shot in 200 pound lots. He tested our 10 to 20-g “Gold” adapters using an PACT chronograph with Winchester AA and Remington STS ammo.

First he ran the ammo through a 20-g gun. Both brands have a nominal Velocity of 1200 fps. The AAs produced 1222 fps while the STS gave 1211 fps.

Next he tested two 10-g 3 ½’ guns. One was an Italian o/u while the other was a Spanish side-by-side. Both had 30” barrels with full chokes. Both guns had importer marks but no brand names. Patterning was done at 30-yards with a 30-inch circle.

In the Italian o/u the AAs produced 1287 fps and 99% patterns. The STS ammo was slower at 1082 fps but also gave a 99% pattern. In the Spanish side-by-side, the AAs clocked at 1186 fps and produced a 92% pattern. The STS was slightly faster at 1196 fps with a 94% pattern.

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