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Check out GaugeMate's New Products in action! Press play on the video below to to see exactly how our Pocket Sniper, Ninja Series and Pocket Sportsman lines perform.


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These 2 ¾" long adapters allow you to shoot 20ga, 410ga, 9mm, .357 Mag/.38 Special, .22LR, .45ACP, .45 Colt and .44 Magnum rounds from your 12Gauge pump shotgun.

Step 1: Place desired cartridge or shotgun shell into the appropriate adapter(s). 

Step 2: Insert the loaded adapter(s) into the shotgun feed tube as you would any 12ga shotgun shell. 

Step 3: Cycle the action to chamber the first adapter. 

Step 4: Fire the weapon at the intended target. 

Step 5: Cycle the action to eject the adapter with spent shell and to chamber the next loaded adapter. 

Step 6: Repeat firing and cycling the weapon until all adapters and spent shells have been ejected. 

*As always, please follow standard safety protocols and also keep in mind that different ammunition rounds have a longer range and different performance than a 12 gauge shotshell.

Download a copy of our full instructions here.


Our Pocket Armory adapters are now available for 22 Magnum!

We are glad to introduce our all new product, Pocket Armory !

How prepared will you be when ammo runs scarce?  Your gun is only useful for as long as your ammunition supply lasts.  And any spare ammo won't be good if you aren't carrying a gun that will fire it.  That's why we developed the Pocket Armory adapter system.   You'll never have to worry about whether you've got the right gun at hand. Six specially designed ammo adapters turn one 12 ga shotgun into a 10-gun arsenal at a fraction of the cost.


Small and portable, Pocket Armory adapters come in a sturdy and convenient canvas carry pouch that can be easily stored.  They are pistol-length and now made exclusively of stainless steel!

Each adapter comes fully rifled for deadly accuracy.  cutoutOur Extractor-Grip cutout feature allows for removal of spent shells while o-ring retention keeps the adapter in the chamber.

With the Pocket Armory system, you can shoot any of the following ten calibers from your 12 ga shotgun: 12ga, 20ga, 410 bore, 45 Colt, 44 Mag, 45 ACP, 38 Special, 357 Mag, 9mm, 22 Mag, and 22 LR.  It is the perfect solution for firepower versatility.



You'll never find another system quite like this one and at an affordable price.  Don't get caught unprepared, order your Pocket Armory system today!


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