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GaugeMate Gold adapters are specifically designed to remain inside the gun so that only the spent shell or casing is extracted for quicker reloads.

Machined from solid stainless steel, each GaugeMate adapter is elegantly designed for rugged durability and is compatible with both heavy field loads and steel shot.

GaugeMate adapters fit break action guns, both classic and new and are ideal for training, skeet and target shooting.

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  • No moving components to jam or fail.
  • Shotgun adapters pattern like full-length tubes. Click to see patterning results.
  • Full selection of sizes, for both shotgun and pistol/rifle sizes



GaugeMate Shotgun sizes:
FOR 10ga GUN FOR 12ga GUN FOR 16ga GUN FOR 20ga GUN
10-12 12-16 16-20 20-28
10-12XL* 12-20 16-28 20-410
10-16 12-28 16-410 FOR 28ga GUN
10-20 12-410   28-410
*10-12XL fits 3 1/2" ammo
GaugeMate Cartridge Available sizes:
FOR 12ga GUN FOR 16ga GUN FOR 20ga GUN FOR 28ga GUN
12-.45 auto 16-.45 auto 20-.357/.38 spc 28-.22* LR
12-.44 mag 16-.44 mag 20-9 mm  
12-.357/.38 spc 16-.357/.38 spc 20-.22* LR  
12-9mm 16-9 mm   FOR .410 GUN 
12-.22* LR 16-.22* LR   .410-.22* LR


*With conversions that use rimfire casings, we recommend to insert the converter and rotate it so that the inner barrel is at the top or bottom. Take note of this position as it will mean you are always shooting high or low.

To download a copy of the Instructions For Use, click here.
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